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VALUE ADDED TAX (VAT) VAT stands for Value Added Tax.  It is a consumption tax charged on taxable goods, services immovable property of any economic activity whenever value is added at each stage of production and at the final stage of sale. VAT is charged on both locally produced goods and services and on imports. […]

Dear esteemed client, Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) has the online registration for submitting monthly contributions. In order to assess the payment form kindly visit the link Currently, the contribution to be paid by employers in the private sector should be calculated at a rate of 0.6% of employee’s earnings. Contributions to be paid by the […]

WITHHOLDING TAXES  Withholding tax is the amount of tax retained by one person when making payments to another person in respect of goods supplied or services rendered by the payee. A person receiving or entitled to receive a payment from which income tax is required to be withheld is a withholdee while a person required […]

SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT LEVY (SDL) Skills and Development Levy: is a levy collected by TRA under the Vocational Education Training Act and Income Tax Act from every employer who has in his employment ten or more employees. The rate applicable for SDL is 4% of the total emoluments paid to all employees during the month. […]

Dear our esteemed clients BRELA has the Online Registration System for company registration, which applies to Limited liability companies, partnerships and even sole proprietors. On 1 February 2018 A notice has been issued  by BRELA directing all companies that were registered before the commencement of the Online Registration System (ORS) (i.e.) to upload their company […]

TAX RETURN Tax return is a statement filled to TRA which declares the estimated income and tax payable or the final income and tax payable for each year of income. Under the income tax law, a company is required to submit tax returns even if it has no taxable income. Return of Income An individual […]