Plan for Your Future In today’s economic climate, simply reporting on the financial statements isn’t enough. Businesses call for professionals who can amalgamate accounting and assurance services with financial advisory services to facilitate the development of sound strategies that respond to challenges they encounter. At ANC ASSOCIATES, we strive to bridge that gap every day. Our team of professionals provides the direction and support necessary to make impossible challenges manageable. ANC Associates provides a number of services to address the requirements of our clients at every stage of the business cycle. In this area we provide the following services:-

* Financial Advisory & Risk Management
* Review of Accounting System & Internal Control
* Excutive Payroll Services
* Book keeping services
* Setting of Chart of Account
* Business Plans
* Financial & Operational Manual                        
* Human Resource Manual
* Recruitment &Executive Selection
* Business Plans
* Cashflow Forecasts
* Bank Loan Application