Senior Auditor

Bariki Raphael, holds Bachelor Degree majoring in Accounting from the Institute of Finance Management Dar Es Salaam Tanzania.

Mr. Bariki Raphael has 7 years of experience in Auditing and Accounting gained while working for VA Business Assurances Certified Public Accountants in Public Practice Arusha Tanzania. He joined the ANC Associates Certified Public Accountants in Public Practice early in 2020 as an Assistant Auditor Mr.Bariki Raphael is a CPA candidate and a Member of the National Board of Accountant and Auditors Tanzania.

Mr.Bariki Raphael has attended various training sessions organized by NBAA and ICPA(Kenya) on international Accounting Standards, Auditing and financial reporting standards; He also shared ongoing in-house training in accounting issues and essential accounting skills during his work as an Assistant Auditor.

At ANC Associates, Bariki Raphael has successfully participated in various audits; from different industries such as the Health industry, Corporate companies, hotels & tourism, government agencies, Non-Government organizations NGO’S and donor-funded projects.